Warewashing & Laundry
Temperature Validation
Is your warewashing and laundry equipment operating at the correct sanitizing temperatures? We can answer these questions for you!
Remote Monitoring & Alert Systems
Remotely monitor temperature, humidity or electricity consumption from anywhere in the world and be alerted via SMS, Email or automated phone call before a problem occurs.
About Us

Slattery Validation System was set up in 2009 with the aim of designing cost effective, technology lead and bespoke solutions. The business was established after a HSE hospital asked us to design a system to verify the temperatures being achieved during the final rinse cycle of their warewashing equipment. We were then asked to adapt the system to verify the temperatures being achieved during the wash cycle of the laundry equipment in another HSE hospital. We have been adapting the system ever since to meet the various requirements of our clients and have been developing new systems to fulfil the different challenges that have been put to us.

The business was established by Michael and Stephen Slattery. Michael has over 30 years experience in the services industry. Michael has run his own business for that time and has gained extensive experience dealing within the catering, laundry and refrigeration Industry and within the HSE. Stephen is a software engineer with an honours degree from NUI Galway. He has run his own software business since 2008 and has worked for a multi-national software company in London prior to that. Some of the companies that have used Stephen's software during that time are listed below.

We aim to compete directly with the technology services companies that the healthcare, food, pharmaceutical and industrial sectors have used in the past. We believe we can deliver solutions of equal if not better quality in a shorter time frame and at a lesser cost. You no longer need to talk to teams of project managers who talk to their development team leaders who in turn talk to the developers who all bill you by the hour in order to get your system up and running you can now talk directly to the person who makes that system work.

Slattery Validation Systems

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