Warewashing & Laundry
Temperature Validation
Is your warewashing and laundry equipment operating at the correct sanitizing temperatures? We can answer these questions for you!
Remote Monitoring & Alert Systems
Remotely monitor temperature, humidity or electricity consumption from anywhere in the world and be alerted via SMS, Email or automated phone call before a problem occurs.

Slattery Validation Systems currently offer a number of services and are constantly in the process of researching and developing new services. If you have a need that you would like us to propose a solution for then please do not hesitate to contact us to see what we can develop for you!

Warewashing Temperature Validation
Our warewashing temperature validation service has been designed to verify that the correct temperatures are being reached in the final rinse cycle of your warewashing equipment. We can test the temperatures in all makes and models of machines be they dishwashers, pot washers glass washers or whatever! If it is warewashing equipment and you need to know that it is reaching the right temperatures then we can verify this for you. In a lot of cases where the equipment is not operating at the correct temperature our engineers can actually adjust the temperatures the machine reaches in order to bring it in line with best international practices.

This service can be delivered in 2 ways. The first is on a manual testing basis. Our engineers will visit your premises once every 6 months and test your equipment and certify that it is reaching the correct sanitising temperatures. The alternative way we can deliver this service is on a permanent monitoring basis whereby we place our wireless probes into your machines and you can log into our website and check the temperatures being reached for every wash cycle of your machine.

Laundry Temperature Validation
Using our wireless probe system we can verify the temperatures being achieved in your washing machines. This service is being used by both hospitals and nursing homes to ensure that thier machines are operating in accordance with best international practices. A validation engineer tests the water temeprature in your machine for a complete wash cycle and produces a printed report complete with temperature graphs to show compliance. This service is carried out on a bi-annual basis.

Bedpan Washer Inspection
Our bedpan washer inspections are carried out on a quartely basis. A validation engineer inspects your machine againt an extensive checklist and produces a printed report with detailed temeprature graphs. Once a year an efficacy test is also conducted as part of our service. Our engineers are trained to the relevant HTM2030 standard.

Fridge, Freezer or Cold Room Temperature Monitoring and Alert System
Using our wireless temperature sensors and our remote monitoring website we can constantly monitor the temperatures being achieved in any fridge, freezer or cold room anywhere in the world. If the temperature gets too high or too low we can send SMS and Email alerts to 1 or more system administrators. You can customise the system to suit your specific needs.

Energy Usage Monitoring
If you are interested in sub metering any part of a large building or if you are just interested in seeing the amount of energy being used by a specific appliance or in a certain area of a building then our system can graph, report and alert you with this information. For a demosntration please use the Contact Us page.

Central Heating / Cooling Monitoring System
Our system can also be used to tell you how efficiently your central heating or cooling system is working. It can remotely turn off you central heating when it is not needed which will reduce your energy needs. When a certain temeprature is reached in a room the system will stop the central heating / cooling automatically. For a demonstation please use the Contact Us page

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